Case Study
How to Tame 10 000 Volt

The Freiburg-based company MacroTech ist specialist for vacuum coating systems, where high-energy electron beams need to be accurately directed and kept under control. Among other components, Kithara RealTime Suite with its high-performance functions, provides the necessary precision.

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Kithara RealTime Suite

Real Time for Windows

In the modern world, time is a crucial factor. Turn your Windows PC into a real-time machine.

Kithara RealTime Suite is a modularly built real-time operating system (RTOS) that runs parallel to Windows and therefore allows for high flexibility and adjustability while providing hard real-time capabilities. It is commonly used in industry and research for control, monitoring and communication of automated processes with microsecond accuracy.

About Kithara RealTime Suite How Does Real Time Work?
About Kithara
Real Time to the Core

Kithara has been the real-time specialist for Windows for more than 25 years. Our com­pre­hen­sive know-how and expertise enable the re­ali­za­tion of even the most sophisticated solutions.

Acclaimed and awarded several times, Kithara RealTime Suite is a modular real-time extension for Windows that combines hardware-dependent programming, communication, automation protocols as well as machine vision in a single high-performance real-time system. Due to seamless integration, the different function modules are able to efficiently operate as one unit.

About Kithara
For developers
Real Time in Detail

Kithara RealTime Suite supports a wide range of both modern as well as tried and tested systems and standards:

  • Real-time EtherCAT Master including distributed clock, safety (FSoE), hot-plug function, cable redundancy and a real-time CANopen Master (also embedded into EtherCAT topologies)
  • Ethernet communication via native real-time drivers with up to 200 Gbit/s
  • Image capture with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision as well as image processing with Halcon and OpenCV in real-time
  • Real-time data storage on SSDs with several gigabyte per second and efficient storage formats MDF and PCAPng
  • Communication in real time with CAN, CAN FD, CAN XL, FlexRay, SOME/IP, LIN and BroadR-Reach
  • Support for A/D D/A and digital IO multifunction cards of varying manufacturers
  • USB and serial communication, digital signal processing
  • Support for all operating systems from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in 32-bit as well as 64-bit. The preemptive multitasking systems is programmable in C/C++ or Delphi. With a DLL, C# can also be used.
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